Oak Street Baptist Church
Monday, May 20, 2024
To Know Him & To Make Him Known

About Us


    Oak Street Baptist Church was established October 11, 1994 by a small group of thirty-six people who had a vision and desire to minister to, and bring the people of Kingman, Arizona to faith in Christ. For two years the congregation met in the Seventh Day Adventist Church building. In 1996 the congregation found a permanent home when it purchased the building at 605 East Oak Street from First Southern Baptist Church, who had relocated away from the historic district of Kingman. 

     Our mission is to bring individuals and families into fellowship with Jesus Christ and His Church; to encourage their worship, and equip them for spiritual service to God. Our mission is based upon the five (5) purposes of the Church as found in the New Testament: Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Service, and Fellowship.

     The message of Oak Street Baptist Church centers around your relationship with God - beginning it, continuing it, and developing it. Our services are planned so that practical, yet spiritual information and principles are communicated and related to everyday life. We are committed to helping you discover God's purpose and plan.

     If you are looking for...

     ...meaning in your life, and a group of people who will help you find it,

     ...worship that is genuine and uplifting,

     ...positive, yet challenging messages,

     ...a warm and loving Church family,

     ...a place where you can grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ,

     ...a place to serve God with your gifts and abilities,

     ...then look no further because Oak Street Baptist Church is the place for you!